Returning to Center

by Kim de Beus

We hear the encouragement “live from the inside, the center.” Yes, it sounds wonderful, and even resonates with my Being, but in the reality of life living from the center can get lost in translation. With this in mind I actually had the experience of seeing centered-living happen right before my eyes in a most unlikely event.

I took my horse into the round pen to work him. There he was trotting round and round, stretching muscles and kicking up a bit of dust. After a few laps at trot I asked him for more energy, encouraged him to pick up the pace and then it happened, he began to cantor and there before my eyes I saw a transformed horse. His form became an exquisite expression of natural beauty, a magnificent beast with head and tail held high and elongated, beautiful leg placement moving at a hypnotic pace.

As I watched I could also sense there was something more going on. I realized then that what was actually informing the exterior beauty was his internal Spirit and while the external form was lovely you could sense the inner wellspring of life flowing out of him. That moment was a beautiful experience of life, of knowing, and all that was needed seemed simple; the freedom to allow the internal light inform every movement and attitude.

A wonderful lesson encouraging me to return to center, over and over, as many times as it takes, thus strengthening my freedom, which allows my internal light to inform the external world around me with life.


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