Board of Directors

Ann HottAnn Hott, CSD, Faculty, Secretary,

Ann describes herself as a contemplative, a traveler on the Way and a very grateful friend of Jesus. Ann graduated from CFDM Arizona in 2013 and, in addition to her work as a spiritual director, Ann is the Contemplative Ministries Coordinator and Operations Director for her church, where she has facilitated Bible study groups for 14 years. She holds a B.S. in Human Sciences. Ann and her husband enjoy hiking and exploring and mountain retreats with extended family. Ann assists CFDM with Ignatian Spirituality and co-leads Spiritual Director Supervision. Her greatest joy is walking with others as they discern God’s presence and invitation in their lives.

Joyce VidalJoyce Vidal-Thornburg, MA, CT, CSD, Chair and Executive Director:

Joyce is a “cradle Episcopalian” who has been involved in Christian formation and ministry, both as laity and professionally most of her life. Her yearning for God began when she joined a church choir at age seven and has continued unabated as the weavings of faith and lived experience have flowed through all aspects of her life. Joyce is serving currently as a Bereavement Counselor for Hospice of the Valley in the Phoenix area and as Executive Director of CFDM Arizona. She has a BA in Psychology & Religious Studies and a Master’s in Counseling. A former licensed therapist, Joyce always felt called to work in spiritual healing. To that end, Joyce changed her career path and became certified as a Thanatologist, a Spiritual Director and Supervisor. Joyce also has a private practice as a Grief counselor. Joyce is an avid reader and loves to sing. “It is an honor and privilege to accompany others as they grow in their relationship with God and discern how the Holy Spirit is bringing about transformation.”

Sandy AndrewsSandra Sutton Andrews, PhD, CSD:

Sandy, also a CFDM graduate, has been God-haunted since an early age. Her education and career focused on inclusivity, culminating in degrees in Educational Technology that she used to reach out to homeless and other marginalized populations, providing donated computers and access to those who might otherwise not have such. Upon retirement she sought the CFDM certification in order to go deeper, and at the same time, Spirit-led as she believes, converted her little adobe home in downtown Mesa, Arizona into a gallery and community space that brings marginalized people into a space where all are welcome. Sandy finds inspiration in nature and is working with gallery volunteers to build an urban garden in the back yard of the gallery. It’s an excellent place to meet with Jesus, trim the bougainvilleas, and harvest (for example) collard greens.

Jean HausmannJean Hausmann, CSD:

A retired school teacher, Jean is a graduate of the Living School at the Center for Action and Contemplation and of CFDM.  “As you awaken to a hearing for a different kind of presence, we work to develop the skills, knowledge, and actions for the unfolding of personal transformation, using your story and events of your life.”  Jean’s training is in 12 Step spirituality, the Christian contemplative wisdom tradition, and the 4th way.

Douglas GreggReverend Douglas Gregg, PhD, Emeritus:

Douglas is a retired Presbyterian minister, author, spiritual director, and supervisor of spiritual directors. He received his PhD in Social Ethics from the University of Southern California. He co-founded CFDM, with his wife Catherine, in 2001 and has been the primary administrator for the growth and expansion of CFDM, currently into six independent Affiliates of CFDM. He is also a stained-glass artist.

Catherine GreggReverend Catherine C. Gregg, M.Div, D.Min, Emeritus:

Catherine is an ordained Episcopal priest, currently Bishop’s Canon in the Episcopal Diocese of Nevada. She co-founded CFDM with her husband Douglas Gregg in 2001.