CFDM allowed me to explore spiritual direction while I was going through the dark night of the soul. It helped me put words to my stage of faith and to understand myself better. It can open a person for broader compassion and deepening discernment, and allows a space for follow up supervision wherein this process… Continue reading CFDM Cohort 4 Member

CFDM Cohort 4 Member

CFDM’s two-year certificate program of formation and spiritual direction was the catalyst in opening up a whole new (inner) world to me.  The journey only becomes sweeter as I continue to incorporate the formation material into my life.    

CFDM Cohort 2 Attendee

I had the honor and privilege to be a part of the first CFDM Arizona Cohort, traveling from San Antonio, Texas each time!   The relationships I made, the internal movement of God in my life, and the training in preparation for meeting with others in their journey with God were life changing in so… Continue reading Cohort 1 Member

Cohort 1 Member

I began my CFDM program with an unclear understanding of why I was drawn to every mention of it. It was a mystery. And by the time I graduated two years later, I fully understood. It was precisely the Mystery…I am home…  

CFDM Cohort 2 Member

The discernment workshop helped me focus on the biggest question in my spiritual life: to whom do I pray? My project, which calls me to continue whether I’m ill and abed or well and about, is to pursue the faint trail of the divine feminine through the tangle of masculinized Christianity. I need a strong… Continue reading From “A Time for Discernment”

From “A Time for Discernment”

The moment I was accepted into the Spiritual Direction program at CFDM, I knew it would be a life changing experience! Not only did I receive excellent theological coursework and practical experience, I learned how to integrate all parts of my inner Self and come to a better understanding of my own journey towards wholeness… Continue reading CFDM Cohort Two

CFDM Cohort Two

The CFDM discernment workshop increased my desire for spiritual direction as an important priority in my life. The presenters not only answered important questions I had about spiritual direction; they also were an inspiration in the quality of their presence. I also appreciated the honesty and transparency of fellow workshop participants in what they shared. As a result, I came away committed to deepening… Continue reading “A Time for Discernment” Workshop

“A Time for Discernment” Workshop

The 2 year CFDM spiritual direction training experience was such a blessing.  The teachers were enthusiastic and full of information and the reading suggestions were just wonderful. I loved the personal ‘work’ we were asked to engage in so as to open our own hearts and being to the grace and love of God.  My… Continue reading From Cohort Four

From Cohort Four

At the risk of sounding cliché, the spiritual formation and direction training with CFDM has truly been life-changing.  But when life-change is foundational to the core of who a person is, there is nothing cliché about it. Thanks, CFDM for opening the doors and windows of my heart and mind a little wider and allowing me to… Continue reading From Cohort One

From Cohort One