By Kim de Beus

Last evening’s storm left the neighborhood without power for many hours.  The house and yard were blanketed in darkness and as I sat in the stillness of candle glow an unusual sense of peace and safety were present; despite the chaos without.  It was then that I noticed the solitary solar-powered garden bulb glowing in the backyard.  Now, solar-powered lights are a brilliant idea but, unlike their electrical friends, they are not brilliant enough for illuminating large areas.

As I pondered the solitary light I was struck by the thought that while the light did not provide immense illumination the soft glow did provide enough light to allow someone to find their way to the light and all without actually seeing a path.  In fact, if there were many such soft lights spaced apart following a path would be doable.

And isn’t that just like the inner journey?  It often seems I’m following the softest of a glow with much of the path covered over, yet I know that if I trust and move towards the Light the Way will become clear.  Funny how a solar-powered garden bulb can teach you a lesson.  For me that lesson is to stay the course and follow the path of softly glowing light to whatever is next.

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